The Road Management Application (ROAM), is designed for roadway and linear tenure owners to inventory, assess, and audit their infrastructure in a fully spatial and temporal manner. ROAM allows resource owners to manage their dispositions to ensure compliance with BC Oil and Gas Commission regulations.

Together, with the fully integrated web-based dashboard, ROAM is designed to document and manage individual events in real time, or it can be used to complete independent audits of entire roadway systems. ROAM is an easily accessible tool for field operators to report events in their day-to-day work; these events can be addressed immediately and the details of the repair process can be accurately documented. Documentation of roadway events can also be collected offline and triaged by managers once the online database has been updated within the ROAM dashboard.

ROAM’s simple and comprehensive online dashboard enables managers to obtain up-to-date information on roadways as well as retrieve historical road maintenance information. The complete storage of all roadway events in a spatial and temporal manner makes the ROAM database a valuable tool for prioritizing road works and maintenance, managing costs, submitting reports, and monitoring audits and regulatory compliance.

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